Focus on Photographers

This is a list of other photographers’ websites and blogs I have come across and found interesting, impressive or informative for me, including some of my (and probably most other photographers’) favorites.  Maybe you’ll find them interesting, impressive or informative, too.

(In no particular order, except the first one:)

  1. Ansel Adams, (does he really need an introduction?) This is the website of The Ansel Adams Gallery, a commercial site, but you can view all his major and lesser works, learn about educational opportunities, workshops, etc.:
  2. Ansel Adams   Yes, this is a U.S. government website! In 1941 the National Park Service commissioned Ansel Adams to create a photo mural for the Department of the Interior Building in Washington, DC.  This is the collection he took for that commission,  not so well known, but unmistakably Ansel Adams:
  3. Ibarionex Perello, LA-based photographer, author, instructor and host of The Candid Frame, a highly informative weekly podcast, with great variety of photographers and insights, about 1 hour per podcast:
  4.  Mark Lobo Photography, an exciting young photographer out of Melbourne:
  5.  Colby Brown Photography, landscape, travel and nature:
  6.  Rodney Lough Jr., spectacular landscapes on another level:
  7.  David “Baz” Jenkins, awe-inspiring wildlife photography:
  8. Vivian Maier, widely-acclaimed street photography of the 1950s in the New York City area, she was unknown in her own time and her work only discovered as a trove of negatives purchased by a photographer in a flea market long after her death:
  9. Steele Burrow, a young east coast travel and people photographer:!/index
  10. Matthew Jordan Smith, LA-based celebrity photographer:
  11. Edward Weston, one of the giants of 20th Century photography:
  12. Edward WestonA little bit easier to view and better organized, the University of Arizon Center for Creative Photography website’s section of Edward Weston:
  13. Atget, is a wonderful site offering a collection of the many of the world’s noted photographers, from the earliest days of photography in the mid-1800s to the present day.  The site is responsive, fast to load, and offers hours of viewing of the works of your favorite photographers and learning about new ones:
  14. Art Wolfe, is a world-renowned photographer, known for his wildlife photography, as well as for his environmental, ethnic and artistic images.  He is a leading voice in the conservation movement.  A Seattle native, his photographs hang in galleries around the world and have been featured in National Geographic and scores of other magazines. Check out  and
  15. The Rotella Gallery, ( is a great site for sampling photography work by various modern photographers ROBERT ROTELLA, ART WOLFE, DAVID YARROW, MICHAEL LEVIN, JOEL TJINTJELAAR, GAIL MANCUSO, JOHN KOSMOPOULOS, and JULIA ANNA GOSPODAROU.